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Batch Convert Word to PDF

The process of opening a Word document (DOC/DOCX) then printing it to the Adobe PDF driver (or similar PDF driver), or using Word's Create PDF button, is a tedious, time consuming and costly process - especially when large volumes of Word documents are involved.

To overcome this problem, Funasset have developed a Windows application called SilentPrint3 that allows any number of Word documents to be automatically converted to PDF. Simply paste your Word documents into a folder monitored by SilentPrint3 then sit back as each one is converted to PDF without any further intervention!*

Word to PDF batch printing

Word formats such as DOC and DOCX are supported, and even other file formats such as RTF, TXT, XLS and many popular bitmaps such as JPEG can be batch converted to PDF using SilentPrint3.

To eliminate the tedium, time and costs involved when converting Word documents to PDF, download and try SilentPrint3 now!